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[General autotag]

Standard Tags #1

[Standard autotag]
Features: Large bold numbers; heavy construction tag from quality card stock; metal-reinforced eyelets; windshield tape that sticks (tested in the hot California sun and on the humid Gulf Coast - APS Tags stay attached for over a year, yet won't mar the glass!); optional additions of your Company Name (up to 21 letters max. available) and custom letter, number and color codes.

Standard set includes
*  Windshield Tag     *  2 Key Tags     *  Key Rings     *  Fade resistant inks

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Blank Tags #2

[Blank autotag]

With all our standard features, complete except for the numbers.
Use your own special numbering system. We even provide the marker!

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Window Tag only #3
[Window tag only]
(Window tags come without key tags and rings)

For those who have a special key tag arrangement of their own, we have the
"see all over the lot" numbers of APS tags on windshield strips only.
Pressure sensitive adhesive fastens to inside of windshield.

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Blank Window Tag #4

[Blank window tag]

(Window tags come without key tags and rings)

Use your own special numbering system with the blank
key tag! Marker included with order!!!

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Optional special coding

No other key tag set offers as many options to customize the tag to your special requirements!
For a nominal charge you can add these Optional Features:
  • 5th and 6th #'s
  • Letter code
  • Color code*
  • Color and letter code
  • Number code
  • Your company name
  • Letter and number code
  • Color and number code
  • Color, letter and number code

These options are available on all 4 styles of our tags!
*Color codes available: red, blue, yellow, green, brown, purple, orange, gray, black, pink and lavender.


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